Salim Usta, the founder of Ikbal, learned the art of cooking in the beginning of the 1900s when he was a cook assistant at Yıldız Palace. In 1922 he founded his own business by opening a small restaurant in Afyon with his brothers in the name of "Zumrut". There was not much eating habit outside; even thought as a shame, the reputation of Salim Usta's meals has started to increase day by day. When the news that Atatürk visited Afyon in 1934, the matter of how to host it came to mind. Ataturk, where, how, with what would be welcomed with? The governor of the period Ahmet Evrendilek speaks with Bekir Evrenkaya, the chairman of the province Evrenkaya. He says he can welcome Ata at the vineyard in the village of Belkaracaören and for the preparation of the meal he will be able to call the cook Salim Usta, the son of mukhtar Mustafa Pancar. The news is released. Salim Usta takes great care with the preparations for Ataturk's dinner and brings out a glamorous menu prepared with great care. Atatürk, who likes the food and the table very much, invites Salim Usta, learns his story and asks for the name of his restaurant. "If you go like this, your bet will be very clear. Change the name of the restaurant to İKBAL, which means lucky". The Ikbal sign had already been replaced without leaving Paşa Afyon.

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